The Ark provides a full decommisioning service, including pick  up, secure data wipe and asset reporting.  We can also providing imaging and installation of the new equipment.


Do you have valuable IT Assets you need to upgrade or are you overstocks? We can assist with the on selling of these assets through our partners around the world.

Data Erasure

The Ark has a range of different methods for data erasure, including onsite options both with military scrubbing software or physical destruction


It depends on what is being picked up, our business is focused on re-use so aslong as items are suitable for re-use we try to make the process cost neutral

No we are focused on corporate and leasing custsomers and are not suited to private drop offs

Yes depending on the device, unfortunately some hardware will be too old to be re-used.  Please check in with us to see latest minimum specifications.

Our first option is using software to wipe hardware so that device can be reused, however if unsuccessful then we will physically destroy hard drive

We work with a wide range of the market, from Schools to small business to make sure that IT equipment gets an extended life.