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The Ark is now located at

Unit B, 10 Earl Richardson Avenue

Wiri, Auckland



Since 1995 The Ark has focused on helping New Zealand children to get their hands on keyboards, providing the means for them to learn to use technology.  As we all know, technology skills are critical to our children's future success, however limited funds can mean schools will not have enough computers for all the  educational activities they wish to provide their students.
The Ark works with New Zealand Businesses to utilize the computers that have reached the end of their useful life within the companies. We then refurbish them to provide cost effective computing resources for our schools, learning institutes and other worthy  recipients such as Computers in Homes and The Life Game Project.
If you are looking for cost effective computers please go to our product pages to see a selection of the computers available. If you are a business that has some computers that you are wishing to be used for this purpose please go to our disposal section.

Complete range of IT and Security Products

The Ark is owned by Conbrio Technology Ltd  a New Zealand owned IT and Security business providing a complete range of services to Government, Corporate and Business customers in New Zealand. Together with Conbrio Technology we can provide you with:
· Affordable computing
· Broadband and Wi-Fi
· Security solutions
· Disposal and recycling of equipment 
· New Insite Brand computers built to suit your needs

We can customise solutions to meet your full computing needs and budget. For more information please contact us.

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New Online Store

Please make sure you register to ensure you can receive special online pricing.

Allows you to build to your exact spec's New Insite Machines and Refurbished Technology and more.

If you would like someone to take you through the process, contact Conbrio on phone 0508 467 483 or email

Public Technology

Conbrio Technology Group Ltd purchased Public Technology Ltd which means we can now offer you more - click to find out more.

Business Solutions Northland

Conbrio Technology Ltd have merged with Business Solutions Northland to form Conbrio Technology Group Ltd, which means we are now able to offer you Printing, Video and Imaging Solutions.

Click here to find out more about Business Solutions Northland.

Conbrio Security

Conbrio Security Is a registered security provider that has over 40 years experience and the capability to install and support a complete range of security products including, monitored intruder alarms, security Camera's - CCTV, building access solutions. Click to find out more.

WiFi Specialists

We are now able to provide managed WiFi access for schools throughout the country. We can help in implementation, installation and controlling student access. For more information email us at

Insite Technology

Conbrio Technology (Parent Company of The Ark) acquired the Insite Technology business from Renaissance Ltd.

Insite Technology specialise in quality built-to-order computing in the New Zealand education and reseller markets. The Ark are now able to fulfil all your refurbished and new computing requirements. Visit for more information.

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